Helloooo and Happy Monday!  I know, it's not the first Monday of a month, it's the LAST MONDAY OF THE DECADE!  WOW, that's kind of epic if you ask me.  There's quite the buzz about 2020 and I feel it, do you feel it!?   It's going to be an amazing year!  

I hope you've had some down time this holiday season to reflect, release the past year, and plan what's ahead.  And if you need a little jump start here are a few great quotes from Pinterest that I hope will inspire you.

Wishing you a year filled with a healthy body, a calm peaceful mind, stilettos to crush your goals, and a good pair of boots to stomp out any negativity that comes your way.  I wish you financial abundance, spiritual awareness and enough fresh healthy food to balance out a night of pizza and brownies every now and then.  I wish you contentment in your directions, confidence in all of your choices and lots of love in your heart.

Happy New Year!