It's LOVE month so first and foremost it's about loving yourself!  So make sure you treat yourself to something special this week, maybe it's just a walk of maybe a mani pedi or a massage.  You deserve it!  Also, it's a mighty good month to love yourself with wellness and schedule your annual mammogram and well woman check up.  OK, onto the fun stuff.

My daughter told me she was having a Galentines Day party and I thought that was so fabulous!  Let's Here It For The Girls, Let's Give The Girls A Hand, yeah, that's a song that just started playing in my head. 1984 from the soundtrack of Footloose and it was actually Let's Hear It For The Boys, but I changed it :)

I started to browse pinterest and sure enough Galentines is a thing and wow, so many amazing ideas.  I wanted to share some of them with you and also a few from her party, no I wasn't invited, but I stopped in for a pre-party peek and snapped a few pics and I have to say it looked fabulous!  For party favors she took succulent clippings and planted them in mini pots from the 99 cent store and made heart pipe cleaners, sooo cute!

And here are some great ideas from my Holidaze Pinterest board.  Take a few of these ideas for your own V-day whether it's for you and your partner, your pets, or yourself, have treats, make it fun and festive.  The dollar store has great V-day stuff.  We'll be on a road trip so I'm planning chocolate covered strawberries and some fun car snacks.  You know, nothing says LOVE like food, who's with me!?