Standing in the Vortex - well at the current moment, obviously I’m not standing in the Vortex, I’m actually on an airplane heading to New York for the weekend as I write this.  But two weekends ago we made a stop in Sedona on the way to visit my in-laws in Arizona.

Every year we say we’re gonna do that but have never taken the time until now.  We stayed in the cutest little hotel, the Southwest Inn.  The room had a corner Kiva gas fire place, there's nothing like being able to fall asleep to a roaring fire, (knowing it's on a timer set to go off in 30 minutes), and a front porch with a mountain view.

Sedona, if you’ve never been, is pretty amazing.  It’s surrounded by red rock mountains that change color all day into different hues depending on the way the sun hits them.  And like any place where you are surrounded by beauty it gives you a renewed appreciation for life, love and the pursuit of everything Mother Nature.   

What is a Vortex?  Well I’m glad you asked, a Vortex is thought to be swirling centers of energy that promote healing, meditation and self-discovery.  Places where the earth is especially alive with energy.  Many people feel inspired and recharged after visiting a vortex and if you are in touch with your spiritual side you can feel all kinds of feels in these spots.  I get the head tingles.  That’s literally what it is when I‘m in any place that has spiritual meaning or I have a premonition of sorts, I get the head tingles.  There may be some official name for it but I don’t know what that is.  It’s a tingling all over my head.  It used to freak me out but now I like it, oops there it goes, that’s the other thing, when I talk about it or in this case write about it, it happens too.  

So hello from 37,000 ft, from me and my big tingly red head.  

And as usual, a picture's worth a thousand words….
Notice the house, they were all camouflaged against the colors of the mountains.
Exact Vortex area.