HAPPY AUGUST! And happy Motivation Monday!  Just when it feels like we're finally settling into summer everyone starts taking about fall. But not so fast! Here's 20 things to check off your summer bucket list if you haven't already.
  • Pick flowers.
  • Go to an outdoor concert. Check your local parks, they are usually free and bring a picnic.
  • Although there is a shortage of drive-in theaters still around there are outdoor movie showings in various places. We found silent movie nights shown outdoors. 
  • Get your hair done, maybe it's time for a change.
  • Visit an ice cream parlor.
  • Hike.
  • Swim.
  • Plan a staycation.
  • Plan a real vacation, even if only for a day, explore your own city. Here's a previous post I wrote for an LA staycation guide.
  • See a summer blockbuster.
  • Watch a sunset from an epic location.
  • Stay up and to view a full moon outside at midnight, try a fun full moon ritual.
  • Take a nap in a hammock or on a pool float.
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Have a BBQ.
  • Tend a garden.
  • Rent a bike on a wooded path or at the beach.
  • Unplug for a full day. The world will survive, the idiot will still be president.
  • Sleep with the windows open.
  • Challenge yourself with a commitment for something you'd like to improve on like eating better, working out everyday, taking your vitamins.
We took a spontaneous day trip Sunday to Ojai but instead of our usual favorite spots in town we went to the Los Padres National Forest, a happy accident after a two mile hike to a creek that ended up being dry. But we found another one!
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Wishing you a few more lazy days of summer!