Last month we took a 2 part trip to Minnesota for my husbands high school reunion and a location scout for a film we're working on. We started in the town(s) of New London/Spicer. Everyone says the two names together, not sure why and although I've asked, no one really knows.  He says it's because when he moved there when he was 12 there weren't enough kids to fill a school so they had to merge two towns worth of kids. And he moved from an even smaller town of about 500 people, I'll get to that later. I've been to Minnesota with him a lot but I've never been to New London/Spicer, specifically to beautiful Green Lake, which is in Spicer.

It was reunion weekend, which of course would include golf, which of course wouldn't include me, (thank goodness), so as I usually do, when I go somewhere new, I set out to do a little pre-trip investigating. Oh and I should mention we stayed in Spicer Castle, which is a castle owned by the family of John Spicer for 123 years! And is said to have once been owned by the Great Gatsby himself. Hmm. It was lovely, old and rickety, but lovely.

My pre-trip investigating had me looking for anything like great cafes, shopping, sights, the usual. No offense to anyone from small Midwestern towns but there's a saying that trends usually take a few years to get from LA or NY to the middle of the country. So with that being said I was super excited to find a trendy fabulous boutique called Urban Escape. I first found them on instagram @UrbanEscape and they became #1 on my hit list for my Saturday of solo exploring. I also found a cute brewery that held yoga on their lawn on Saturday mornings and an adorable cafe that had gluten free options! I was impressed, New London/Spicer was full of surprises.

After the first reunion mingle on Friday night, which was really fun, Saturday morning showed up with a rainstorm. A rainstorm over breakfast in a castle, come on, who could ask for anything more. But of course golf was cancelled, and yoga, but the rest of my plans weren't and fortunately my husband likes to hang out with me and he even holds my purse while I take pictures, that's what makes a good marriage you know ;)

The rain let up and we were off to Urban Escape. It was even better than it's Instagram! They just moved to this new location and the decor was fabulous as well as the merchandise. You can shop them on line here. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just sharing a great shop.

This describes me.

See what I mean, gorgeous right!? I realized when I was going through these pictures that I got so caught up in their great stuff, and what I was going to buy, that I didn't take any pictures of their great clothes! lol. So go on their site here.
Our first breakfast at Spicer Castle, and it was as good as it looks!
These pictures are from 'downtown' New London.
So cute, the backyard of the Goat Ridge Brewing Company. Where the yoga would have been.
 Middle Fork Cafe, loved this place.
 Green Lake.
Nicest compliment about my husband at his reunion was that although he left Minnesota when he was 18, to go to college in California and never went back, when he does come back he's the same o'l goof ball they knew in high school. Like I always say you can take the boy out of Minnesota but you can't take Minnesota out of the boy.
Bought some snacks to take back to the castle at a great store called Shoppe 14. They had a tasting salsa bar and a very eclectic mix of home goods, furniture, jewelry etc., beautiful and unique things.

Great DIY bench if you happen to have an extra claw foot tub around. And speaking of claw foot tubs, our room at the castle had one in the room, not in the bathroom but in the room, very 1800's and I took full advantage of it!
After new London it was time for some business and the second reason we were in Minn, location scouting for our upcoming film called BOO in Kiester Minn. A town of 500 people. If you follow me on social media you will recognize this creepy guy. 
Pick you up at 8?
Did I mention he made an appearance at the Castle too, after all, what's a 100 year old castle without a ghost?
Everyone in Kiester was so incredibly nice to us, they had even put my husbands picture in the paper with a little article about him coming back home to make a movie! Here are some of our location photos.
Kiester School soon to be AKA Willow Falls High.
 Check out that handsome ticket taker, not to mention the prices, this is a working theater $4.00! Take that Movie Pass.
More to come, but for now I have to keep it under wraps, no pun intended.  We'll be back!