Happy Motivation Monday, and Happy March!  People are talking about spring already, but here in LA it just started to get cold and crisp (50's, that's cold to me). So although March is typically the 'looking forward to warm weather month', I'm enjoying having a fire every night and sleeping in layers. I'm not ready for all these Easter displays and pastel colors! Can't we just live in the moment?!

The first Monday of the month is when I write down all the things I plan to accomplish for the month, goal, tasks, events, etc. and I look back at the previous month and see what I accomplished, (pat on the back), what I thought I would accomplish and didn't, (slap on the head, I mean let myself off the hook :) and what I'm taking with me into the new month, what ideas no longer serve me and what new things have come up to add. I know I've mentioned this before but it's actually a proven fact that when you commit your goals to paper, you're much more likely to accomplish them. I have a month filed with travel, birthday celebrations, and some fabulous projects. I hope your month is filled with what ever makes you happy and...

A March that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!