Happy Motivation Monday! This weeks motivation is all about will power. Who's Will Power? Yup, that's my answer every time someone mentions will power, it's a line from an old Marilyn Monroe movie and it pretty much sums up the amount of will power I have which

Oh I'm the first on board when someone posts a group, you know the ones, loose 10 pounds in ten days, 30 day detox, ten days to tank top arms, etc., etc., etc.  I'm good for about 3 days. So I have decided to challenge myself this week.  This may seem like an odd challenge but if you read my post Let's Do Lunch you'll know I'm obsessed with lunches.  I work in Beverly Hills, it's a lunch mecca! I love food, I love the respit in the middle of my crazy days and whether I'm with friends, by myself, with my husband or with my most notorious fancy girls lunch date, my daughter, I just LOVE lunching.

SOOOOO, this week I have decided to brown bag it, or in my case, leopard lunch box it. I have a few reasons for this. First, no matter how healthy you eat out (and I do) there are always hidden calories, fat, salt, etc. when you eat at a restaurant. Second, I want to walk more at lunch time and there are great places to walk in my work hood. Third, I want to challenge myself to make some interesting healthy lunches that I will share with you. And fourth, I want to see if I can actually do it because just thinking about it has me craving Tender Greens backyard steak on kale salad, medium well with a green ice tea and a gluten free chocolate cookie, (which is the best thing on earth.)  OMG, see!  I'm having withdrawal just thinking about a week without Tender Greens!

OK, OK, I'm under control and I shall head into the kitchen now (Sunday night) and make California Fiesta Quinoa Salad for tomorrows lunch. The criteria for my challenge is that the food has to be healthy, low cal and home made, and I have to eat it somewhere fabulous that I have walked to.

I have chosen this week because my most notorious lunch partner is away on location and because it was 85 degrees this weekend and it got me thinking of tank top arms. (Which I do not have.)

I'll be sharing photos and recipes next week on the blog and daily on instgram, hash tag #leopardlunchboxchallenge. Wish me luck!

P.S. ~ My husband just read in the newspaper that Tuesday is National Pack a Lunch Day! How Serendipitous!!!