Motivation Monday 2015!

Happy Motivation Monday, the first of 2015!  And Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Although I'm sad to see the holidays over I'm really excited to start on a wonderful 2015! Last weekend my daughter/BFF and I had a spa day, our gift to each other for the holidays and yesterday I did it with my girlfriend/BFF who took me for my birthday, lucky me! (I'm a New Years Baby.)

We've been doing this year end ritual for the last 18 years (yikes!) taking the time to acknowledge our accomplishments for the past year and making a list of our new goals and dreams while taking time for a facial or massage, making vision boards and stuffing our faces with healthy nibbles.  We try to make it a getaway weekend but this year, due to tight schedules we only had the day, but it was fabulous just the same.  I was so relaxed that I even did the unthinkable, I forgot to take any pictures!!! So I'm cheating and using one from last year.

I highly recommend writing down your dreams, doing a vision board, writing them in your planner and really thinking about how you want your new year to look. I do this with my husband as well, (minus the facials and vision boards ;), because a dream without a PLAN is just a wish.
Saw this post by Kris Carr and knew I had to post it for the first Monday of the year.  Read it, Print it, and Put it where you can see it every day. Be a Trailblazer! Cheers to a happy new year!