Every fall I like to do a post about how to tie a scarf. It seems so simple. But when you see someone looking so fabulous in a scarf, who hasn't said "how come it looks so good on her?" Am I right or am I right?!?  It's like anything else, once you know the tricks of the trade, it's simple. And there is no other accessory that can so quicly take an outfit from drab to fab. Not to mention it's the only article of clothing in your closet that I guarentee will still fit you no matter how many deserts you accidently eat.
  • Drape It ~ Yup, that's it! Just throw it over your neck like you're a hanger. Yes, just drape it! 
  • The Knot ~ Start by draping it, then tie a simple knot and let it hang a bit low from your neck. You can tuck under the ends and make it look like an infinity scarf or let them just hang, or flip the knot to the side.
  • The Backwards Tie ~ Place the scarf evenly with the middle against your neck facing backwards, cross it in the back and let the ends hang in down in front, or tie the ends, wa-la! (my favorite)
  • The Button ~ Fold the scarf in half and wrap it around your neck with both ends to one side and then seperate the scarf in the middle at the fold and put the ends through. This one give you a nice fluffy look.
Nicole Richie just drapes it, it looks pretty chic on her head too!
Jessica Alba in variations of the knot.
Reese Witherspoon with a simple knot.
Jennifer Aniston does a great backwards tie. This looks great with extra chunky scarves and if you need to keep warm, this one will do the trick.
Cameron Diaz also rocks the backwards tie with an extra large scarf. These are great because they double as shawls, super useful if you're traveling.  The only difference between this look and the one above is that the scarf hangs loose where as above it's tied.
 Blake Lively and Hilary Duff like the button.
If you don't have a go to scarf in your wardrobe here's a few that are versatile and reasonably priced. And if you still have trouble getting it to look right just buy yourself an infinity scarf and all you have to do is put in on and you're good to go!

Fall Scarves

top row Asos
               middle row Forever21
         bottom row Target

                celebrity photos via getty images