I love lunch and lunch in Los Angeles is its own institution. And it pretty much goes on all day. Doesn't anyone work!?! In a town full of entrepreneurs and creative types lunch for most people isn't just about the food, it's about the vibe, seeing people and being seen and wheelin' and dealin'. But guess what? For me it's really about the food! Eating it and photographing it. So if you live in LA or are visiting here are some great places to do lunch, outside of course!

One of my favorites, my mouth is watering just writing about it, is Mauros Cafe at Fred Siegels 8112 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. The Fred's Pasta is scrumptious and you can get it gluten free!
Another favorite, (I will probably say that about all of them), if you're in the downtown area is Bottega Louie, 700 South Grand Avenue, famous for their amazing macaroons and deserts. The Saturday vibe here is great and the food is fantastic. Here's my favorite, the walnut salad and the best potatoe pancakes you'll ever have anywhere, crazy combo, but hey it's all about balance.
A valley favorite spot on a quant little stretch called Little Tujunga is Aroma Coffee and  Tea, 4360Tujunga Avenue Studio City. It's one big garden space and the food is amazing. 
Zinque, 8684 Melrose Avenue, has my favorite rice bowl, I have even tried to recreated it at home, it's not as good but it's close. Brown rice, spring salad mix, roast chicken slices, shaved Pecorino Romano cheese and organic Chipotle Ranch Dressing. Fast, easy and delicous!

This is the Zinque patio, it's beautiful and never, ever empty, except on this day when it happened to be 100 degrees. A one time photo opp!
This is the interior of Gracias Madre a plant based Mexican Restaurant at 8684 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. And you'd never know it was vegan by the food in fact I think I don't have a picture of any food because it just gets devoured too fast!  Best guacamole anywhere.
No frills and fast yet healthy is Champagne French Bakery and Cafe 8919 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. A good place to work too, they have wifi.
Another very quant 'order and take a number' yummy lunch spot is Food Lab 
7253 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood and 3206 W. Sunset in Silver Lake. Their moto is EAT . DRINK . SMILE . LOVE. 
Le Pain Quotidien can actually be found all over the word and probably in your city. My favorite is at 4719 Commons Way in Calabasas. It's beautiful and built around a huge fountain, and we're kind of addicted to their banana cranola, quinoa spelt scones and chia pudding. (Oy I'm so LA!) 
Urth Caffe is another lovely place with great food. There are many of them and they all have found unique locations in old tiled buildings, my favorites are the one downtown in the Arts District at 451 South Hewitt Street, the one in West Hollywood at 565 Melrose Avenue and the one in Pasadena at 594 East Colorado Street.
Have I made you hungry yet?  I'm off to the kitchen!  For more on my foodie adventures follow along on instagram and my hashtag ~ #busydaysdeservecafes.