Motivation Monday

Helloooooo Monday! What's up with this day? Monday mornings on social media look pretty Drab, everyone is complaining, they either want to pull the covers over their head, drown themselves in caffeine or run away. The reality is Monday's are Fab! Really, it's a fresh start on a brand new week and the possibilities are endless. Since life is what we make it, just think what you can do with a day, the first day of a brand new week!  And if you take some time on Sunday night for a little pre-week planning of what you want to accomplish for the week, you'll have a head start and when you get busy, you won't forget what's important to you because that workout or that tea date will be down on your calender because you planned it.  So get up, (no snooze button!) get out there, and make it a fabulous week!

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