Met Gala Red Carpet 2014

The Met Gala, held Monday night in New York City, is like no other. It includes a Red Carpet event that is not part of any award show, it is about art, fashion and philanthropy. This year the Gala, as well as the exhibit, which has been renamed this year the Anna Wintour Costume Center, pays homage to Charles James. Who you ask? Exactly, that's what everyone asked.  British-born James, although not known for his notoriety, was apparently the best Couturier ever for creating structured ball gowns. So naturally structure was a theme of the evening, along with white tie and decoration. It's that last one that caused much of the fashion faux pas'.

As this is a BALL I could just post this one picture, iconic SJP channeling her (and her alter ego Carrie Bradshaws) perfect bell of the ballness, but there's just so much more to share. I love this picture and the Oscar De La Renta gown, but I could do without Oscars signature scrolled across the bottom as if it were a canvas. Yes, fashion is art, but how far does that go? There are some designer logos we just adore, hello Chanel, but there is a new trend on the horizon that has designers covering fabric and entire garments with their signatures. I admit, I would wear anything with a double C on it, but I draw the line at being a walking billboard of someone else's name. You?

Getting back to this first picture, the hair, the dress, the red steps, it's SO Cinderella! But there are a few others that really nailed the Ball feeling as well.  And then there are the rest. As words like WOW, OMG, and YIKES splashed across the live twitter fashion feeds, I couldn't help ask my usual question ~ don't they have a BFF? A mom, sister, husband, boyfriend, neighbor, the mail man?  Anyone who will tell them the truth and send them back to the closet? This seems like a good time to repeat the best stylist tip I ever heard ~ when buying a dress, especially a formal one, take a selfie!!!! Sometimes even the mirror lies, but the camera never does.  Seriously, haven't you ever gone out and thought you looked great only to have a friend post a picture of you on FB that made you gasp? Yes, don't lie. 

Even though this is a fashion post critique, I prefer not to insult anyone. And good for them for expressing their individuality!  So I am putting the outfits into categories, this softens the blow. (Although I did sneak in just a few comments, when I couldn't resist.) First up ~ those who got it right:

The Bells of the Ball
Sarah Jessica Parker
 Arizona Muse
Charlize Theron
Lui Wen
Emmy Rossum
Hallie Steinfeld
Sarah Silverman
Katie Couric
Hayden Panettiere
Kendall Jenner
OK, I just have to comment on this one because you need to put your hand over her head, sorry Kendall, there, doesn't that look amazing, without her head?! The dress is so sophisticated and sleek, but she's too young for it and her hair looks like she just walked out of the house with it wet. As a curly hair girl I can tell you if you are wearing something sleek and sophisticated you need sleek and sophisticated hair, up or straight. It's just a fact.
Amber Heard 
(not Johnny Depps spats)
Rachel McAdams
Karlie Kloss
Karen Elson
Zoe Seldana
I'm on the fence with this one, I would really like it without the elastic in the middle of the skirt and just a really full skirt. As is it reminds me of a fancy ice pack, but I like it, sort of. 
Maggie Q

It Could Have Been A Nice Dress If...
Rita Ora
Lose the ribbons and add a full skirt of tulle.
Dee Ocleppo
Bring the skirt to the floor, it's a BALL!

Those We Gasped Over. And Not In A Good Way. And I Mean Really Gasped!
If it resembles a net, your drapes, a shower curtain, bed sheet, you can see through it, it's a bathing suit top, Captain Kirk's uniform, has random accouterments, feathers, everything but the kitchen sink or is just really ill fitting ~ there I think that covers all of them ~ get back in the closet!
I just want to comment that I can't even comment.

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Florence Welch
Brie Larson
Naomi Campbell
Lea Michelle
Rosamund Pike
Laetitia Casta
Chloe Malle
Chloe Sevigny
Ivanka Trump
Sarah Paulsen
Donna Karen
Tabitha Simmons
Anyone an I Love Lucy fan? Remember the episode called Friendship when Lucy & Ethal wore the same dress and tore the flowers off?  This is that dress!
Katie Holmes
I won't say it, OK Scarlet O'Hara, after the fire, there, I said it.
Reese Whitherspoon
Shailene Woodley
Lena Dunham
Chloe Grace Moritz
Gabrielle Union
Janelle Monrae
Naomi Watts
Kate Upton
Off the set of an old Western?
Erykah Badu
Neil Patrick & David Burtka

Nice Dresses For Other Occasions
It's a ball people! 
Michelle Williams
Marion Cotillard
Emma Stone
Kristen Stuart
Put your hand over the bottom part, better with the sheer panel removed, right?
I guess even Chanel can get carried away.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Rossie Huntington-Whitley

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Photos Courtesy NY Times