Dos, Dont's and Get Back In The Closet:

I've been a fan of the Glamour Magazine DO - DON'T column since I was 13.  There's a reason that it's still alive and well all these years later. If you don't have a daughter around (like I do) to send you back to the closet when you're about to become a DON'T, here's a few things to watch for to be your own fashion police;

A big trend for spring is mesh and sheer panels, here's two very different ways to wear it. I'm totally against fashion ageism, (read about that here) but I have to say if there ever was a dress I'd put an age restriction on this would probably be it. The outfit on the left has mesh sleeves and is a more sophisticated and covered up, yet still on trend. Both DOS depending on your style.

Remember Culottes?!? They're baaaack. And so are Bermuda shorts. Two looks that, unless you are really tall and really thin, look really frumpy with flats, or worse, running shoes. Get back in the closet and DO grab a heel!

This elegant dress should have a lining. We DON'T want to see your underwear, evah! 

If it looks like your Grandmas Afghan put it on the bed, not the bod. Big DON'T.

You can add heels, you can add jewelry, but a sweat suit is still a sweat suit, velour or otherwise, and it belongs at home.

Here is a classic case of a fashion identity crisis. Simple rule, if it's warm enough for a sun dress it's warm enough for sandals. 

If it doesn't fit, get back in the closet! If you must wear it and the front looks good, throw on a black blazer to camouflage this wardrobe malfunction.

This one's easy, DON'T leave the house without your pants!

DO have black and white as staples in your wardrobe to mix and match.

DO bring in bold color and keep the rest of the look simple.

DO add a statement jewelry piece to a simple outfit.

DO add a surprise pop of color accessory like shoes.

DO try creamy monochromatic.

DO accessorize, it's not an outfit without the accessories!

don't photos courtesy of Glamour, dos from pinterest, fashionloft8