New York Fashion Week Part II

and - Monday Must Haves - A square Potato Knish!

I've decided to make NYFW a three part-er.  Since fashion week didn't end until Thursday, September 13th, and we had to get back to LA on Sunday I'm still going through pictures and videos so I can bring you a good re-cap of what to expect for Spring 2013.  In the meantime it's fall.  So I hear.  Just not here in Los Angeles where it's still triple digit torture.  I was really hoping for a taste of fall when I was in NY but not only was it hot it was so humid!  I'm spoiled now by dry heat. After a beautiful, but stifling, stroll on the High Line, we had to go back to the hotel so I could ring out my dress and take a cold shower!

My NY has three musts: #1 - a square Potato Knish. Don't feel bad if you don't know what this is.  Just means you're not a New Yorker and/or you're not Jewish.  A square potato knish is crunchy on the outside and soft and potatoeee on the inside. Not to be confused with a round knish as they DO NOT taste the same.  #2 - A pretzel from a street vendor in Central Park. This is a NYC pretzel people, not to be confused with an Aunt Annie's pretzel at the local mall served with sweet dipping sauce.  New Yorker's don't dip their pretzels (although I like mine with mustard, but that's technically not dipping, it's smearing.)

Once I'm fully loaded with theses diet busting gluten laden carbs it's time to head east over to Serendipity to wash it all down with must have #3 - a heaping cup of sugar, AKA their amazing frozen hot chocolate.  Yes, it's a contradiction in terms and you have to taste it to believe it so if you never have, you should. Be prepared to wait.

Don't know why I need these three things every time I'm back in my home town, maybe they remind me of my childhood, maybe it's because I can't get them in CA, or maybe it's just tradition that makes for my perfect NY experience.

Here's my NY in pictures, sans the runway.