FRIDAY FINDS:  Flat Sandals! Recently my husband and I were at the Ahmanson Theatre to see an amazing performance of Les Miserables.  I like going to the Ahmanson because it's upscale and people still dress up to go.  As we where leaving I noticed two women in front of us both in very nice outfits, and then much to my horror, as I scanned down to their shoes, they were both wearing flip flops!  To that I say "Get Back In The Closet".

I know this is LA and perhaps I still have my east coast mentality, even after all these years, but unless you're at the beach or by the pool, there is no reason for you to be wearing flip flops and at the theatre no less!!!  Even if they both were on their feet all day and needed to ditch their heels there are so many flat sandal options there's just no excuse.  And if they had those Dr. Scholl's foldables in their bags (Fridays blog) they would have been stylish and comfortable!  They killed my theatre fashion buzz.