Wednesday Wants:  DIY Leopard Blackberry Case

I love everything Leopard. Some people call it Cheetah. What's your preference? They both look the same to me even though they are two different animals, and I checked. (What did I do before Google searches?)

I have looked all over to find a leopard/cheetah phone case for my style Blackberry.  I even considered switching to an iPhone just for the cover! (but not up for the techy learning curve).  And then on Sunday night my phone happened to be sitting next to my big role of Leopard tape.  Yup, 5 minutes later, problem solved!

Then came the Teen Fashion Police revamping some old bangles with the same tape and some fabric scraps. Details here
My pink gel phone case was part of a set of 2 found at the 99 cent store, so that's 2 for 99 cents and I used maybe 4 inches of tape off a big role from Michaels that was about $2.00. So all and all I figure I'm in for about 80 cents.  Now that's a bargain!