Today in the closet is really today in the kitchen, as I cheat on fashion with food.  I just have to share this amazing recipe I got from eat-drink-smile for a pizza crust made of cauliflower!  Yes, cauliflower!!! And I swear you will not taste it one bit. Just think no gluten, no flour, no preservatives, none of the things that put pizza on the don't list.  After all, we can load the top of a pizza with healthy choices, it's the crust that's the enemy.  Here's a picture of how mine turned out. It's not a thick crust and we ended up eating it with a knife and fork but it's really crispy and delicious.  For my toppings I caramelized red onions, (how to for that in my onion soup recipe which you'll find right below the pizza recipe), fresh spinach, Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Sauce and feta cheese. You can use anything, be creative! Recipe

And now for something completely random... fellow blogger Susannah Conway came up with a fun idea called The August Break 2011. The idea is to have fellow bloggers post one picture in August on each blog they post of something random that represents August to them.  So no matter what the blog is about, during the month of August, you'll see this fun glittery button along with a picture of, well, anything. As of today 613 women bloggers are participating. I think that's amazing. Here's my first.
A summer night at The Hollywood Bowl

Happy August