A few blogs back I wrote about my difficulty in purging clothes. Well, here is the picture of the heap that resulted from the BIG PURGE a few weeks ago.  I finally let the Teen Fashion Police have her way with the clothes I've apparently been hording since the beginning of time. Usually I let my friends have the first look see as to what they want and then it's off to charity but this time I decided to take a box full to a re-sale store.  After all, some of it was in perfect condition, designer, even things with the tags still on! (shame on me for that).  And isn't one woman's purge another woman's treasure?

I packed a big box, bigger then my arms could fit around and too heavy.  I dropped it on the way between the parking lot and the store and things went flying all over the sidewalk.  Something told me in that moment this wasn't going to go well. I managed to stuff it all back in the box and got someone to open the door for me. There was a waiting list and I was instructed to take a seat.  I had no idea that selling old clothes would be so snobbish.

When my name was finally called the sales girl gingerly took each item one by one, out of the box, glanced at it, folded it back up  (better then it was) and handed it back to me to put back in my over stuffed way too heavy box!  About half way through she told me that they are looking for current styles. Hmm, I thought, if it were a current style I'd be keeping it wouldn't I?  And after all isn't the re-sale store where we go to find vintage like my rust suede Jones of New York Jeans that I'd still wear If I could have my hip bones removed?  You don't want those!?!  She folded them and handed them back to me.

I expected to leave the store empty handed instead I had the same box I struggled with to get in the store to carry back to the car.  I asked someone to open the door for me, of course in my mortification of fashion rejection and rush to get the heck out of there I tripped over a lumpy sidewalk and dropped the box again.  I could not get to the car or the nearest Good Will drop off  fast enough.  My old clothes weren't good enough for the re-sale store OUCH!

Once the box was at the charity, where they carried it for me I might add, I felt better.  Some skinny woman out there will be looking hot in a fabulous pair of rust colored suede jeans that I rocked in college.

Probably not many of us have ever gotten rid of everything we own and started over.  Wouldn't that be fun and scary not to mention expensive.  I will say that getting rid of almost half and having room on the rack for the first time ever is very liberating.  Now I get to plan, piece by piece, what comes in, what goes with what, what's missing and even what else to purge, yes it gets easier!  

My new motto is less is more as I continue to mix good pieces with trendy as my styling adventure continues into the new year!

Happy Shopping