Friday Finds; cheap, chic, black, beautiful and budget friendly! What more could a girl ask for!?!

Still in my Audrey Hepburn/Chanel mood of Wednesday I thought I'd give you more of a selection of goodies that have the feel of those looks. Let's face it we all look great in black, it's a no brainer, especially when dressing up for the holidays. 
I just saw this bag in black yesterday for the first time and I fell in LOVE. It may not be a Chanel but it's a very classy distant cousin and at $45 won't blow your budget.

Even if your dress has seen one too many parties, change it, chic it up, and dazzle with a new accessorie like one of these gorgeous belts, and you won't break the bank on this either!

A big ring is always a great touch.

Black tights, a winter wardrobe staple, they make any skirt or dress work.  Always have a clean pair on hand to avoid an ICM (immobilized closet moment).  I picked up these Betsy Johnson tights at T.J.Maxx, a 3 pack for $9.99 - 2 solid black pairs and one pattern pair, I got the black on black argyle. The tag said 'Previous Season' I think of all things fashion the one thing you can count on not changing from season to season is a basic pair of black tights! I always buy one size up for tights, seems to prevent all that jumping around and pulling and fighting to get them up. 

    This wrap is great for over jeans or a party dress.


                                          Simply Vera Vera Wang Leggings $13.99
                                                     To wear with, um, everything.


Shearling Lined Flats
 $19.50 these ballet flats have a shearling lining for toasty toes.

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