Friday Finds;  Finding your Purse-n-ality.  Last Sunday I had my LA Trunk Shows booth at the Rose Bowl.  If you missed it, I will be there one more time on December 14th for those of you who are in LA.

I had so much new merchandise that I was totally in accessory heaven!  When I unpacked my stock on Friday I had fallen madly in LOVE with this grey bag with faux fur trim and today I wore it for the first time. (There I am below) I love that it's a cross body and has handles. Coincidentally, I was browsing on LiveLoveShopLA and saw this ensemble of greys and there in the middle of the page noticed the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fur purse. It's a cross body too but does not have the extra handles.  Not that I don't love Marc Jacobs but it's a bit too furry for me and of course a bit too pricey at $581.  Here's me and my new love from LA Trunk Shows which was $60.

It's facinating to watch women deciding what purse they are going to buy, from those who walk in and make a bee line for one that they instanely love to those who hem and haw, don't buy it and then come back and buy it at the end of the day. Someone will be instantly drawn to a purse in a vibrant color and then say "it's so not me, I only wear black or brown".  Take note of what you are drawn too, that is you!  We all have a unique Purse-n-ality. Explore LA Trunk Shows and find yours!