Wednesday Wants; 
It's an Audrey Hepburn kind of day.  Wild curly hair, tamed and up in a sleek twist, black sweater, pearls, black leggings, ballet flats, and of course big black sunglasses. Thank you Ms. Hepburn for making black leggings and ballet flats so chic. How easy is that! I was inspired by an interview with Audrey Hepburns son on the news yesterday. He was talking about his beautiful new book about his Mom, Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit: A Son Remembers .

My Wednesday Wants today have a bit of a vintage feel like my Chanel head band that I wouldn't give up in exchange for food if I were starving!  I'm sure you have a piece like that too. Truth be known I'm more Christina Hendricks then Audrey Hepburn, (red hair and busty), but anyone can wear these looks.

Perusing Polyvore, which I can literally spend hours doing, I found this fabulous set by dee55 who loves Mad Men, ( I made the Audrey Hepburn and Chanel Sets), I love these looks!

I love MAD MEN

All the Chanel in this set would set you back thousands!  Here are a few frugal jewelry finds.
Triple Pearl And Starburst Necklace

Pearl Cluster Posts

Fireball And Pearl Bracelet Set

Fireball And Pearl Bracelet Set

If you like the look of a certain celebrity try If you like the look of a certain celebrity try
Boutique to You  they have a Shop by Celebrity section and discount Designers. And if that's out of your budget do not hesitate to e mail me at  with a picture of the look you're after and I will help you find the look for less.

Happy Chic