Try something new today! But not necessarily a PRUNE.

When I walked into my gym this week there was a pretty basket on the desk full of individually wrapped somethings for the taking. My mind naturally went to 'oh boy candy'.  I grabbed one, ripped it open,  (mmm- candy, candy, candy),  it takes so little to make me happy. Then, somewhere between my hand and my mouth, as my brain caught up, I was face to hand with a giant over sized wrinkly raisin, AKA a PRUNE. 

Not wanting to be rude, as the perky desk girl said "oh, they're so good", and with no where to ditch it but my mouth, I ate it.  It wasn't that bad. But it wasn't good. Did I mention it was gigantic?

Once the taste was gone from my palette I actually felt good that I tried it, as I realized I had never tried a prune before. So I wondered... how many new things do we try in any given day?

Write down all the new things you've tried today and if you don't have any, it's time to shake it up and try something new....not necessarily a PRUNE.

If you never wear anything in your hair try a hair ornament.
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Never wear bangles? Try a clunky funky chunky one, they make any outfit look chic.

Not a hat girl, go for it, not only will you look fab but you will protect your skin too.