CHUNKY, FUNKY & CLUNKY - GET YOUR WATCH ON!  Today in the closet I am taking stock of just how many watches I have. OK,  a lot - but just when I think of purging one it comes back in style. 

For me it's the chunky, funky and even junky, like my fav's that I've picked up on the streets of NYC.  MY 'good ones' seem to live in the back of my jewelery cabinet while the funky and junky spend their time on my wrist. Ok I wouldn't turn down a Tiffany but there is something about the rhinestoned bead dazzled clunker or my new Swiss Army look-a-like, (the military look is so big for fall), that make watches a fab-u-less accessory.  It was a whopping $7.99 at Kmart and then I spent $6.00 having a ton of links removed so it would fit my scrawny wrist. My new fashion statement for a total of $13.

My daughter, AKA the 'Teen Fashion Police', just got her first fashion statement watch.  When I asked her what time it was she took out her Blackberry!  I pointed out that she could actually use her watch to tell time and she had to process that for a moment.  She is of the hand held electronics generation.

Watches are like personalities there is a never ending assortment.

Diane Gilman Pave Enamel Animal Print Watch

Animal Wide Band $19.49

This watch not only comes in pink and black, it comes in orange, blue, yellow, white, red, green and purple!

Rox SIlver Tone Crystal Black $60.00

And in case you get lost and hungry while shopping I think you might be able to eat this watch made of corn, sprouts and bamboo!
Sprout  Bamboo, Cotton & Corn-Resin Watch $27.99