TODAY IN THE CLOSET;  I'm dreaming of travel. Just got back from a fab trip to San Antonio.  I packed just right!  How often does that happen???  All of my new closet organizing tips really pay off, when I take my own advise that is!  It's very hot in Texas. 

Shop HSN for fashion, jewelry, electronics & more!On to shopping in more exotic places, and thanks to HSN I don't even have to pack.  I'm shopping Italy, Bali and India at HSN's eat, pray, love shopping event.

 Lust for pasta, wine & life in Italy.

Awaken your spiritual side in India.
 Fall in love with exotic Bali.

Eat, Pray, Love<sup>(TM)</sup>
Eat, Pray, Love<sup>(TM)</sup>
Hutton Wilkinson Balinese