This week on the bargain trail...

TODAY OUTSIDE THE CLOSET:  Loving my big new hanging basket of beautiful flowers. Having to keep it in the shade until the temp in my back yard cools down from blow torch to just sauna. This gorgeous basket was $5 at my new discovery, the Rose Bowl Swap Meet!  If you've never been - the second Sunday of each month the historic Rose Bowl turns into one part fab new merchandise, one part crafts and artist selling their wears and another part antiques and collectables, there's even an underground if you're into comic books and Star Wars memorabelia.  I knew it was serious shopping when a mini van full of women parked next to us and took out their shopping carts! 

We mostly looked and I ohhhd and aahhd, scoping out the merchandise to see if any one had fab-u-less purses like my Glamorousity line.  And NO, there was none, so I'm excited to say that starting in September I will be a vendor, I'll keep you posted so you can visit my booth!

I did score a M.A.C lip gloss for $5! Now if you are a fellow M.A.C. fan you know that there are no M.A.C. bargains out there but there were two here, yes two M.A.C vendors at the Rose Bowl.  Each with discontinued merchandise, not old, just no longer available.  So don't expect to find your favorite color like my Fabby but it's a great opportunity to try those new red lips you've been spying in the magazines without a big investment, just in case it turns out your'e not a red lipstick kind a gal.

Stay cool on the bargain trail this week!  This is why God made air conditioned malls.

Happy Hunting!