DAY 5: Although I have lived in Southern California for years, being originally from the East Coast, it never fails to crack me up how nuts everyone gets when we're on STORM WATCH! And STORM WATCH can mean anything from a drizzle to better build that Ark!

But standing in the closet I have to admit there is a different mentality to how you dress when you know it's going to rain. And I don't just mean boots and umbrella's darker colors and leggings come to mind, as well as cozy sweaters. A hood is a must! And for me, I still have to get passed the Teen Fashion Police to get out of the house, so rain or no rain, it's gotta be 'style'

Sofia Suede Boot

Rory Nylon Bomber

Henry Ferrera Houndstooth Rainboot

Military Double-Breasted Hoodie

Logan Solid Peacoat