Day 3

Day 3: Well, I'm in the closet and instead of standing here asking that same old question 'what should I wear' , (while surrounded by a ton of cloths), I have discovered closet nirvana and it's SO simple, and YOU CAN DO IT!

Yes, it involves the dreaded 'purge' but it is so basic. If you took everything out of your closet and made two piles, the cloths you love and the cloths you never wear, and only put back the cloths you love, that look fabulous on you, you would look fabulous all the time! Simple.

2010 is all about finding YOUR STYLE. First ask yourself the BIG question. Right now, look in the mirror, (unless your in your pj's), and ask yourself this ~ If I saw a women wearing what I'm wearing right now would I say she looked great or would I send her back to the closet??? Hmmm, pretty thought provoking isn't it. We scour magazines and look at other women and see looks we love but then wear something else, for convenience.

Now if you are not a good purger make sure you get help. I have the teen fashion police, whose brutally honest, did I mention BRUTALLY? If you don't have your own teen, grab a friend or family member. Remember the scene in Sex and the City where Carrie models all her cloths, for the majority vote of 'take' or 'toss'? That's what you need to do. And believe me everyone has a friend more then willing to tell you to dump that ratty old sweater they can't stand.
Fill this year with YOUR STYLE!
Here's some of the looks inspiring me for 2010: