DAY 6: In the closet this morning I was once again totally saved by the BOARD!
I talked about it a lot in 2009 and for 2010, which is all about finding YOUR STYLE, it's a must.

The BOARD, or the folder , if you are short on space, is where you hang or put pictures of YOU on the days when you love your look. Just snap a picture and hang it on your bulletin board in or near your closet, or right on the wall, or put it in a folder you can keep handy and refer to.

It won't stop all your ICM's, (Immobilized Closet Moments), but it sure does reduce them and saves a lot of time.

And when you pull a picture out of a magazine of a look you like, put it on your board, chances are that you can come up with a similar outfit just by shopping your closet for combos you may not have thought of before.

Happy snapping!