Day 38.

Day 38. It was a quick flash in and out of the closet today, with lots to do. Just a reminder of how much easier it is to get dressed if you have that 'Standard' black and white outfit that always looks good in a pinch. Without it I'd still be in the closet, in my towel.

Met a friend for lunch who is a self proclaimed non-shopper! I know, I know, how sacrilegious. She had me pick a new purse for her.

I'm not talking behind her back as I told her flat out over chineese chicken salad that the purse she was carrying, which was stained and worn out leather from the year of the flood, was causing her to look dowdy and not professional.

Once she slung this new purse over her shoulder it was as good as a total make-over! SO, let's remember the importance of the perfect purse to make any outfit look good.

Here is her new purse. It's the Jennifer Coffee Fall Shoulder Tote and also comes in Black, Bronze, and Pewter. You can find it, and your own