Day 37

Day 37. So if the Emmy award dresses and jewels are all borrowed, whose closet are they getting dressed in?

Didn't the idea that any publicity is good publicity die with the release of Phil Spectors wigless mug shot?

Apparently, not for 'Young And The Restless' Soap star, Victoria Rowell, who decided to wear her politics on her sleeve to the Emmy's. Oh wait, there are no sleeves.

Hasn't anyone told her he already won? I admire her chutzpa, but it's a definite DON'T and looked like a table cloth from the White House.

There were a lot of dresses with STUFF on them that looked like it didn't belong, scales, puffs, drapes, etc. This morning they are all getting written about as the DON'Ts while simple elegance still wins out as the DO.

Christina Applegate shed the excess baggage of her 08 dress and looked stunning in navy and lace.

Vennesa Williams, shed last years print and went for a simple flowy solid satin, much more flatterting.

Up close I heard the top of January Jones dress looked like 80's vertical blinds recycled.

Jamie Lynn Steigler looked gorgeous
in the gold draped fabric, the dress does
all the work.

The jury's divided on Leighton Misters white dress. Personally, I'd like it better without the puffs on the shoulder, but the reviews are mixed.

And some are asking if Sara Silverman put a curtain rod under her dress to give her the biggest hips of the night.

Kristin Chenoweth went short this year, and as always looked adorable.