Day 39

Day 39. As I stand in the closet today contemplating an outfit, I'm thinking of this meeting I have tonight. The kind that you dread, where there is huge conflict and you know it won't be pretty. In fact, I think it may get downright ugly!

All I can do is recite my mantra, 'ease & grace, ease & grace' , and of course, DRESS TO KILL!

So I picked RED, as everyone knows it the power color. So a red silk blouse, black pants, and killer heels, also, just between us girls, sexy undies Only I will know but when they are all yelling and looking ugly I will remind myself that a Goddess in black lace panties does not loose her cool! Oh and I added a black belt with a big silver buckle which makes me kind of feel like super girl.

So I feel protected from the ensuing storm and in the process I'm a fashion DO! definitely a 'style' day. Wish me luck!

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