Day 23

Day 23. Well, it's going to be a challenge but here we go, I need 4 outfits. Well, maybe 3, or maybe 5, if you count work out clothes, which I retrieved from the throw basket, not to be confused with the laundry basket! Work cloths have to translate into informal movie screening clothes after work and I need two commercial audition outfits in the middle of the day. One as a women in bed with a cold, no makeup, bad hair and pj's. Then a chef, don't know why I actually got submitted for this one as they want a real chef. I am many, many things, I'm even a good cook, but a chef? NO. And one with my own chef jacket and hat no less, again, NO. They did say bring your own frying pan, that I have.

So I've got a white sheer top with ruffles, a camisole underneath, gray pants and great gladiator heels that can actually get be through a 12 hour day. This outfit can go to work and the after work screening. I found an old pair of pj's in the back of the drawer, see this is when it actually pays to be a hoarder of old clothes, ones I wouldn't be caught dead or asleep in, and then a white blouse to look like a chef coat, kinda.

Break a leg! And thank goodness for comfortable heels!

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