Day 24

Day 24. It's casual in the closet today. And the teen fashion police not only didn't vito my outfit but said it was "too cute"! That's huge, of course she was having a great day with getting her braces off and all. I took a navy tank top that had a few bangles on it and put it over a white t-shirt that had puffy sleeves and wha-la a new outfit is born out of two old things.

Mix and match, try things together, and see what you get.

Took my Mom shopping for her birthday. She's so teeny tiny that she gets Capri's that fit her like regular pants, so she doesn't have to shorten hems. We found two pairs in Nordstrom Rack. It's like hunting for treasure, but instead of a map bring your patience and plow through everything on every rack and you'll find treasures!