Day 22

Day 22. Enter at your own risk! It was quite apparent this morning that one of my bra's turned into a weapon of mass destruction in the night. As the huge under wire, yes HUGE, suddenly poked out from, who knows where, and tried to attack me and slit my throat, or God forbid, my boob! I wore this bra yesterday, it was fine. It's now in the trash. How does that happen?

So lets' talk undies. Why do we keep old undies or have panties for" that time of month" like we did in high school stuffed in the back of the drawer??? Get over it. Underneath it all has to be as good as what you show the world, after all the most important person knows what's going on under there - YOU!

Remember Bridget Jones Diary? NEVER get caught in the granny pants!

Today I'm wearing a navy cotton blouse with satin trim and a navy print short skirt and wedges. It's a cute outfit, stamped 'APPROVED' by the teen fashion police, and underneath it all is cute too, because, as my mother once told me, "you could get in an accident!"

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