Thanks for stopping by today!  Last week I launched a new passion project on instagram. It's called Gretta in Gratitude.  And I'm so excited to share it with you...

Since I was a kid, rocks have always intrigued me.  As I got older and learned about the hidden beauty within them, my fascination deepened.  The ability to pick up a plain gray rock and discover a magical, sparkling amethyst inside left me in awe. This wonderment sparked the beginning of my crystal collection, which quickly grew into something much, much larger.  

While crystals are often associated with spirituality, there is also a scientific basis for their energy and vibration.  It's said that each crystal carries a unique energy determined by its composition, size and color.  Just as each person has a distinct vibration, crystals can help us bridge the gap and elevate our own vibrations.

The true power of my crystals became apparent to me following the death of my husband in April of 2022.  My crystal collection transformed into a source of comfort and healing. From the soothing presences of amethyst, to the heart mending properties of rose quartz, each crystal played a vital role in my healing journey. And he loved crystals too.💖

As my collection grew, so did my desire to share the healing power of crystal with others. I started creating bundles for those in need of comfort, hope, courage and guidance, especially for those grieving the loss of a loved one.  These bundles, paired with smudge sticks, used to clear out toxic energy, have become a source of joy and fulfillment for me. 

Each bundle also includes a sprig of rosemary from our garden.  Rosemary is a symbol of love and remembrance.  If you put it in a clear glass of water in a window it will grow roots and you can plant it and have your own rosemary plant from our garden to yours. 

The positive feedback I received from those who were gifted my bundles inspired me to create Gretta in Gratitude.  Each bundle is made with love and intention, crafted to bring comfort and healing to those who need it most.  


Oh, and I'm Gretta. It's a nickname my daughter gave me when she was 16, long story :)


Here's a peek at some of our beauties.  You can see more and read all about them on our website at Gretta in Gratitude.