Happy Galantines Day to all my Galantines out there, and that means you!

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This is my second Valentine's Day since my husband died.  So how's that going? 🙄

I got to thinking lately, when someone dies, where does the love go?  Well, for one thing, it doesn't go with your loved one, it stays with you.  That's the good part.  All the love from both of you stays right in your (broken) heart where it belongs and it's up to you how you choose to honor it.  I choose gratitude because the truth is that had I known how it would have ended, had I known that My Mike would only live to be 62, I would have married him anyway.  And I'd do it again and again for a thousand life times.  And that's life isn't it?  Choose the happy and hang on while it lasts and then be grateful that it found it's way to you.     

When Mike & I were dating and we had our first Valentines together he told me that he thought it was a dumb Hallmark Holiday.  Something to the effect that he loved me everyday so what's the big deal.  And why should he spend $50 on a box of candy that the next day he could get for half off?  Now, Mike was a very generous guy, not cheap at all, so this wasn't about money, he just didn't get it.  In his defense he was a 40 year old bachelor when I met him, so I chalked it up to lack of experience.  And even if I agreed that it was a Hallmark Holiday attention must be paid!  I mean come on, red hearts are involved!  So we went on to celebrate Valentines Day over the years and a new tradition was born.  Every year on February 15th Mike would come home loaded up with the biggest box of Valentines candy he could find and arms full of silly little love trinkets and proudly declare, like a giant goof ball, that he got them all for 50% off. LOL