Happy New Year!  I decided to pop in one more time for 2021.  I was inspired by this picture I took last week driving along the PCH before the winter rains set in.  I have enjoyed so many incredible coast sunsets in 2021.

Now it's winter in the west with trees down, mud slides and flooding.  But I do love wearing boots and scarves and toasting marshmallows in our fireplace. 

2021 was, in many ways, an extremely tough year for a lot of people, including me.  But in other ways, (for me), it was joyful and dotted with sprinkles.  I hope you have had those moments as well.  Write them down, look through your calendar or phone at the last 12 months and you may be surprised at all you have accomplished.  So often we focus on what we didn't do as opposed to what we did.  Notice what you have learned and/or grown through.

This year I've learned that grief and joy are not mutually exclusive.  

I'm ready for an amazing 2022 and I wish the same for you.  Thank you for reading my blog posts this year.  It means the world to me.  

                       Happy New Year!