There's an expression in CA, called June Gloom.  Everyday in June you wake up and the marine layer has fogged everything in but by mid-morning it's all lifted and it's another sunny day in LA.  But now, and I think for all the Junes to come, I think June Gloom will have a whole new meaning.  The gloom of this June is filled with sadness, fury and frustration.

I have found myself on CNN and social media overload and I'm tired of senseless injustice.  I have posts in my blog que but it feels so inappropriate to go back to sharing regular content at this time.  I am focused, as I hope you are, on learning, listening and reflecting on what we each can do individually to make the world a better place.

So what makes now the time that people finally came together?  I think it has to do with Covid-19.  We had things taken away from us, things we took for granted, we stayed home and had a lot of time to greet ourselves in the mirror (in sweats with no make-up) and we got to know ourselves better and figured out what's really important in life.

Maybe George Floyd is a savior, put on this earth to be the catalyst to change.  Perhaps if we all shift our consciousness we won't be so inclined to rush the rest of 2020 out the door with a swift kick in the ass.  Maybe, just maybe, the next half of 2020 will be filled with enlightenment, unity and miracles.  Maybe 2020 won't just be known as the year of Covid quarantine, but as the year that ended racism.