Helloooo ~ And Happy November!  Motivation Monday is back!  Can you believe it's the start of the Holiday Season!  (I know, I use an awful lot of exclamation points).

November is such a great month.  It finally got chilly enough to wear a sweater is Los Angeles.  Of course come the middle of the day we have to blast the AC at the office but we're still wearing sweaters.  And boots, I'm a boot girl, we go from sandals to boots and... usually back to sandals until about January.  The weather's fickle and Mother Natures been on a rampage around here as I'm sure you've seen on the news.  But it's November and it's time to shed, whether it's people, pounds or fill in the blank_____.  November has always been a month that signals releasing.  Let's take a lesson from the trees.

And of course it's the start of the Holiday Season.  So here's a few quotes to get you in the mood for fall.  And of course a jump start on pumpkin spice, hearty soups, roaring fires, (in fire places only please),  big cozy sweaters and warm hearts.