HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To all of us mothers, whether you nurture a human, a fur baby, your friends, your home, we are all mothers to someone or something and that makes us all pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy today and know how incredible you are!

I wanted to share a little of the Mother of all Mothers, Mother Nature, with you today from yesterdays Ojai Garden Tour. I love this event which takes place every year on Mothers Day weekend. I love seeing other peoples gardens, getting ideas and just taking in all the creativity between artists and nature. And honestly I just really like looking in peoples yards. I'm a garden peeing Tom. As usual yesterday did not disappoint. There were five very diverse homes on the tour. I took so many pictures, here's a sampling, a large sampling, of some of my favs. I have a thing for outdoor living spaces, dinning areas, random seating nooks, wild flowers, veggie patches, cute garden sheds and garden art. OK everything.

It was the first time it ever rained for this event but we had so much fun it didn't matter. Here I am just after we picked up our wrist bands at the Chamber of Commerce, kind of wanted a picture before my hair went to hell in the rain :O
How sweet is this pot!?
And this wheel barrel full of edibles.
And that's a grape vine on the fence that went around the entire property. 
Gorgeous olive tree.
This Mediterranean garden was stunning.
The outdoor living room.
Outdoor dinning table.
Hidden pots peeking out from everywhere.
A day in Ojai is not complete without lunch at our favorite place, Papa Lennons.
 Lots of unique garden art.
I look a little Pharrellish in this hat though.
I think the rust on these chairs adds to their charm.
Very cool Bamboo.
It's the little things.
This lead to a dreamy unexpected garden.
A sweet entrance but my husband had to bend down to fit. Teehee
Sweet garden shed.
He always find the treats! This house had home made brownies.
Let's just sit.
Mother Natures Pom Poms.

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