Happy Thanksgiving week! I LOVE Thanksgiving!  And we host it every year, we all love to cook so it's a team effort. I try to change it up a bit every year and this year we will be having Thanksgiving alfresco in our vegetable garden. Inspired by Joanna Gaines and my Instagram addiction to farm house chic. It's a great holiday to take your table from drab to fab for very little money and very little effort with this DIY. So Sunday morning we took to the hills and foraged. (My new favorite word). We collected lots of pine cones, branches with holly berries, and sticks. The buckets were $1.99 at our 99 cents store. (Yes, our 99 cent store sells things for more than 99 cents, eye roll). Still, how could you go wrong with a galvanized bucket for $1.99! I may or may not have bought all they had. When we got home we arranged them into beautiful Thanksgiving center pieces. Perfect for the rustic look we're going for this year. I also asked everyone coming to bring a few things they have collected from nature so we can arrange a few more buckets together. So much fun, so simple, and so cheap :)
Here's a few other ideas and pics from our past Thanksgivings.
 Lots and lots of candles.
Keep your Halloween pumpkins and paint them for Thanksgiving.
 I like to mix up my dishes.
Move it outside if you're in a warm climate. Hang lights from the trees.
Mix up textures and patterns.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with home, heart, love, blessing, over eating, and a fabulous table.