Hellooo and happy August! And happy Motivation Monday! Feels weird that August started on a Tuesday, so yes, this is the first Monday of the month! Technically June is the half year point but for some reason August always feels more like that to me.What's your perspective? Does it feel like 'Yikes, half the year is already over and I haven't done enough?' or 'I have a whole half a year left and so much I can accomplish?'  I'm a glass is half full kinda gal. In August I like to go back to my list of goals from the beginning of the year to see what I've accomplished, where I stayed on course, where I fell off and what I want to get done in the remaining months of 2017. Here in Southern Cal summer weather can last well into October so there's no counting down the last few weeks of summer fun yet. I do however have a seasonal clock, and come August my toes start to get tired of sandals and start longing for boots again. And August starts sunflower season! Got my first bunch on Saturday at our local Farmers Market. I'll be posting about drying them for the seeds on Off The Grid In The City soon.

Make it a great day, a great week and a fabulous August. And remember to buy yourself flowers ;)