Hey lovelies! It's time again for my annual Drab to Fab Challenge test! If you have done this before, do it again for an update! And if you're new here, this will help you hone in on your style:

Look in the mirror right now, yes, right now! (unless you are in your pj's) And ask yourself this very telling question  ~ "If  I saw a women on the street today wearing what I am wearing right now would I think she looked fabulous or would I send her back to the closet?" If the answer is send her back, take off that outfit and throw it in the charity pile.

Think you don't know your own style?  Think again. Do you have a style board on Pinterest?  Look at what you're pinning, do you dog ear or tear sheets from magazines of looks you like? Do you envy that co-worker who always looks so put together in simple pieces but you're wearing pink and purple polka dots? Look at what your eyes are drawn to all around you. This is your style.

I think this is a good time to talk about all the hubbub of the 'new' capsule wardrobe. At first I thought capsule smapsule, could I really survive with a ten piece wardrobe? I decided to investigate and what I discovered is that there really is something to this capsule wardrobe thing. 

First, the obvious, we all have to many clothes. But if we took our really favorite pieces, the ones we wear all the time, which I'm guessing all match (and fit), mine do,  I can see that I could take my pieces, and mix them differently every day and have a different outfit for every day of the week, maybe even a month, based on ten-twelve pieces. So do we throw out everything else? No, not realistic, especially when you consider seasons, events, weight, etc. I've never been good at purging, although I am trying to get good at it, because it really is just easier with less. Notice when you're on a trip, you bring as little as possible and mix and match. 

Less is more! For example, I have way to many pairs of black leggings I use for working out, some of which I admit should be in the rag pile, but instead are in my drawer. Last week I grabbed a pair for yoga.  When I got to class and sat cross legged on my mat I realized I had grabbed a bad pair with a big hole, guess where!?! Try getting through a yoga class with your legs closed. UG! I came home and purged, and honestly, I love it now that I have 4 pairs of good black leggings, not 20 pairs of the good, the bad and the ugly.  And that's that. Now for the rest of my wardrobe. It's a process.

I pulled together these great examples of capsule wardrobes from Pinterest so you can see how this works and what I discovered is that it's really just the old fashioned MIX N' MATCH! 

I gravitate to black, stripes and neutrals but don't be discouraged by my examples if you're a bright colored print kinda girl, the basic principle is the same. You would take that favorite floral blouse of yours and match it to a skirt, pant, jeans, blazer and cardigan and have several different looks! Yup, it's that simple.

When you look at the pieces themselves in the top half of the picture, they don't look like much, then see how many different looks so little can create, it's pretty genius! And think of all the extra space you'll have in the closet.  Oh and the accessories are not counted, because come on, a girl can never have to many accessories, just sayn'.
These nine pieces here, create nine different looks

Ten pieces here for nine different looks 
Here are the same pieces from above but with even less (minus the light color skirt and tweed jacket), and they make fourteen outfits!

Sets via Pinterest you can click through on my from drab to fab pin board for the original sources
Happy Mixing!