Happy November! There was actually a tiny bit of crispness in the California air on Halloween and it felt so good!  November is a favorite of mine, I know, I said that about October too, OK so they are both my favorites. November is just a warm your heart, drink apple cider, plan Thanksgiving kind of month, so what could be bad!?!

Early in October I had the chance to take a quick four day weekend in New York to visit my daughter who was working there on a film. As I'm from NY I love when I get to visit my oldest and dearest friends, hang out in Manhattan and play tourist a little. Thank goodness for my busy husband who needed to stay home and also take care of our three fur babies. I wanted to make the most out of the four days so I took a red eye on a Wednesday night.  I knew from past experience that this was probably a mistake since I'm no longer young enough to fake looking good after sleep deprivation. I have a history of not sleeping on planes, (hello cranky delirious zombie after 14 hours of Sex and The City re-runs to Europe). But I made a serious attempt, I bought Advil PM, but lost it somewhere between CVS and the airplane. Sleepy Time Tea worked, for about 5 minutes. With each trip to the bathroom it became more and more apparent that me and the pilot were the only ones on the plane that were awake. But I pushed through and had that extra day on Thursday and so much fun connecting with my peeps :)

So here are a few of my favorite pictures from this trip. I'm sad that I don't have one of me, my sister and my two girlfriends because it's a group that's never together!  But I guess it's a sign we were having such a good time that we forgot to take pictures.  On the upside it was raining and I had bad hair.

If you'd like a Things To Do In NYC list check out my previous NYC travel post here.
This is how far away from me you have to be to take my picture after I've been awake for 48 hours.
 Washington Square Park, memories of collage days, and the Empire State Building peeking through.

 Love them
 Nothing like a rainy day in New York
 Changing leaves and brownstones 
 My favorite girl
Fifth Avenue Upper East Side along the park
 The view from Isabella's on the Upper West Side
 Rowing in Central Park, I rowed and we didn't hit anything
Till next time NYC