Happy first Monday of September and happy Labor Day.  I hope you are not laboring!

I recently won a Bronze Telly Award for a Public Service Announcement I Executive Produced. I wanted to share the news and post a picture of it on social media but I didn't want it to seem like I was bragging. Then my very wise daughter reminded me that this project was for a charity, made by a charity, with a group of women I work with that donate their time and talent to give back. We do this in our spare time, which none of us have, by the way.  I do too many projects and my September goals list may be longer than some peoples list for the entire year. I don't believe in putting all my eggs in one basket so I have a lot of baskets. My daughter reminded me I should be proud of this award and the 8 others I have been honored to receive as a writer and producer and I'm especially proud of being nominated for an Emmy twice, for one PSA I wrote and one I produced. See, over achiever. Then she grabbed a few more awards off my shelf and took this picture. And I really like it.
So to all my fellow over achievers out there, be proud of yourself and share your accomplishments, so we can be proud of you too!