Every December for the past 20 years, me and my bestie have made it a ritual to celebrate the year that's passing and welcome in the year ahead, blab till all hours and of course eat and drink, tea that is, oh yes we're pretty wild, and pamper ourselves with yoga, and spa treatments. It's the annual girls trip. Well this year that just happened last weekend, yup April 30th! We acknowledge the patheticness of this and believe me it wasn't for lack of trying or desperation to re-connect with each other it was just two crazy schedules that don't mesh. Dare I sound so cliche, but we're that busy UG!

But we did it!  Our 2016, (spill over from 2015), girls weekend was worth waiting for, we went from over stressed drabulous to relaxed wonderful fabulous in just 24 hours.  Felt like we were gone for days.

We've done Ojai before and it's one of our favorite places, there's just something so serene and magical about this sleepy little town. We decided not to make any plans this time, no spa, no yoga classes, just chilln' so we picked a hotel I'd been to before because I knew it had patios, perfect for yoga. So with mats in tow, not to mention snacks, tons of magazines for collaging (yes we're those women), a Buddha with battery operated candles, so we didn't burn down the place, we checked into The Capri.  From the outside it doesn't look like much, a real throw back to 1970 something, in fact the first time I stayed there with the hubbs we pulled up and my reaction was 'uh oh what have we done' but once you walk in it's just retro fabulous.

We arrived in time to grab a great breakfast at Bonnie Lu's, also a throw back to the diner days. The food is great and we lingered for about two hours catching up on half a year's worth of dish. Check in wasn't until 4, no problem, we just headed up to Meditation Mountain, aka the top of the world. We meandered the garden paths and felt completely restored. It's really impossible to go up there and feel anything else!  We broke out the snacks, because we are also those girls, and munched on some bean chips, salsa and strawberries before heading back down the mountain. Then we did a little sightseeing up the back roads admiring the beautiful homes and ranches.  After we checked in we went out by the pool where an empty cabana just happened to be waiting for us. We staked our cabana claim for the next two hours while we stuffed ourselves with hummus, nut crackers and more fruit cause it's all about the snacks while we blab. Then of course it was time for dinner. And although it was a few days before Cinco de Mayo, Agave Maria was calling our name (see what they did there:) and another perfect spot was waiting for us right by a fountain. We lingered here too and had a wonderful dinner then it was back for collaging, meditation, more blabbing and of course chocolate.

In the morning we got out at 7:00 AM, we were pretty proud of that, it was so peaceful and quiet the whole town was still asleep. We ran/walked for an hour and I even sprinted a block, trying to keep up the momentum I got from running from a coyote one morning last week :O  Then we went back to enjoy yoga on our patio by the pool.  We earned breakfast and shopping, lunch, a walk through town and a visit to the farmers market, that's right, we were in girl heaven.

What to do in Ojai

  Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!