Helloooo and Happy Hump Day!  I hope you are feeling fabulous on this lovely Be Well Wednesday. Let's talk feet. Yes feet!

As we get older, all of us, or we as in me, in a certain age group, which I continue to deny being part of, little things start to happen, like aches and pains where there were once none.  I always felt sorry for people who complained about lower back pain, I didn't even know my lower back existed, until lately. Or feet pain, I put my feet though a lot, years of heels for one, and now they are highly objecting. And cracks, oh the cracks (back, knees) like all of a sudden I'm made of plaster! What gives?  Or better yet, what doesn't!?!

Turns out, as life would have it, things change. That's not good or bad, it just calls for some adjustment. This weekend after a beautiful 3 mile walk on Sunday with my husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law and niece I had to put my feet up, I could have walked all day, just my feet wouldn't cooperate, they hurt and not a hurt from a shoe kind of hurt, just an ache like they're saying sit down all ready will ya! No I will not! I have recently started to run, I love walking and I will continue to do more.

Well, I never put two and two together with my aches but when I mentioned my feet my brother in-law gave me a pair of his Cadence Insoles. He invented them! As a physical therapist for over 20 years, a golfer, runner, walker and sport enthusiast in general and standing on his feet all day giving therapy for sports injuries he came up with this perfect insole that alleviates back, leg and foot pain.  I never even thought about my new back ache being related to my new foot ache, but the hip bone's connected to the knee bone (I think) and oh yeah, my hips hurt too. I think I have found feet nirvana and they're called Cadence Insoles, you can read more about them at Cadence Insoles.
I couldn't wait to take by first run/walk in my new insoles. I had thought I needed new sneakers, although mine looked good on the outside the insole they came with were flat as a board, so I took them out and popped in my new Cadence Insoles and did my first walk/run on Monday. My feet felt amazing, I didn't need new sneakers at all, I just needed the right support. The true test was the next morning when I woke up without feeling that stiffness in my lower back and my feet felt normal again.
I'm sharing this as I would any amazing discovery, like a good sale, just because it's something you may need.  This is not a sponsored post, just a great product that made such a difference to me in just one day!  Can't wait to take another long walk later. When I told my sister-in- law,  aka 'The Keeper of the Soles', that I was going to write about the insoles she gave me a coupon code to share with you if you want to purchase on their website, go to Cadence Insoles and use code Drab2Fab. They are also in almost 200 retail stores in 36 different states around the country! See, I'm not kidding, your feet will thank me!