Happy Monday and Ugg! Four day weekends are so amazing, until they're over right!?! I feel a bit like I got the bums rush with Hanukkah and Christmas moving closer and closer each year.  It seemed like my entire neighborhood was decorated for Christmas before the Thanksgiving turkey even hit the table!  I love Thanksgiving and I love my TG decorations so I usually wait until the following weekend to put them away and move on to the next holiday but this year this weekend was the only one in December that we would have time to do it so out went the TG decor and in came the tree and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (uka.)

So here's a last look at my Thanksgiving table and a peek at Christmas and Hanukkah.  My tablecloth is new, a Ralph Lauren fab find from Home Goods.

Today's Monday Motivation is one to remember throughout this holiday season. Also, when you're agonizing over buying the 'perfect' gift remember, it really is the thought that counts, experiences and making memories trump material things (unless someone is buying you a trip around the world then it's both.) Yes, buy two of that perfect sweater, one for your friend and one for you. Oh and last but not least, "but it's the holiday's" is not a pass to eat excessive amounts of chocolate and gain 5 lbs, just saying. That one was actually for me :O