Hellooooo and Happy Hump Day!  Monday and Tuesday are a mere blurrrrr and my apologies for being slightly MIA on the blog. I hope you are all enjoying summer, and I guess the end of summer.  I never really feel that living in Southern Cali but I saw a bunch of back to school posts on FB today and realized it's that time of year again. It does come around fast doesn't it?

So here are a few suggestions on taking the last days of summer from drab to fab. And a few intsta bits from our weekend road trip to the Las Vegas Film Festival where a film my daughter stars in made its US debut. (more on my instagram)
  • Have an adventure!  This can be a quick road trip, an over night, a hike in your local park or a new beach or lake you've never been to.  If you live in a climate that will turn cold before you know it get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer!
  • Have a picnic, with a group, as a couple or alone, there is something about spreading a blanket on the ground and eating lunch Al Fresco. If you do this on your lunch hour at a near by park I guarantee you will go back to work feeling great!
  • Be a tourist in your own city, go to the places you would recommend to a visitor and that you have never been to.
  • Have an Al Fresco dinner party, decorate with flowers and hanging lights and have everyone bring their favorite summer dish.
  • Take to the water! Where ever you find it, your favorite pool or beach. Floating is one of my favorite pass times :)
  • Take a stroll through your local Farmers Market, even if you don't buy anything, there is something about it that just promotes good summer vibes.
  • Ride a bike, eat an ice cream cone, feed the ducks and enjoy the last few lazy hazy days of summer!
I just love this picture. We ditched the after party and our heels, changed into jeans and went to have eggs at 1 AM. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!