Happy Motivation Monday all!  I recently read that you can't get rid of a negative thought, but you can replace it with a positive one.  I've always found that when I expect goodness to come it comes, and when I walk around with negative emotions all the good gets blocked. It's the law of the universe and it's so simple. Here's some tools for staying positive this week with Mantras from Yogi Approved. If you've never used mantras before consider this your Mantra 101.
1. “I Exist.”
Repeat, “I exist” during your morning meditation to help harness your ability to identify your self-existence. As you start to chant, or silently say to yourself, “I Exist”, you are becoming present in the current moment. Practice being non-judgmental toward yourself. Try “I Exist” to restore your mind before you embark on your busy day.
2. “I am powerful.”
By chanting, “I am powerful” you are defining your ability to control any situation through your thoughts. You recognize that you are in control of your destiny and are able to see that your gifts and abilities fuel your internal power. Your absolute happiness lies in your power to choose positivity. Notice how “I am powerful” fills you, then repeat. Try “I am powerful” when you need to bring your ‘A game’… before a meeting, job interview, presentation, or an exam.
3. “I Love.”
Try repeating “I love” as your morning mantra.  Every time you exhale you will think, or even say, love. You will start to realize that the things you love pop into your head as you repeat it! Try this if you are feeling down, impatient or defensive.
4. “Om”
OM is the most universal mantra. When you chant “Om,” you are creating a powerful sound and vibration. Ancient sages identified Om (or aum) as the most elemental sound, representing infinite universal consciousness. They were (and so can you) able to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in nature – wind, thunder, water,  and recognized that these sounds are a manifestation of spirit into matter. Try chanting “Om” in the morning before getting out of bed, before and after your yoga practice, or when you’re looking to dive deeper into a situation or project. If you are feeling spaced out and disconnected, chanting “Om” will help ground you before you start your day.
5. “I am.”
You are all! You are Om. To chant “I am” is to sit and acknowledge your divinity. You, in your space, as yourself. Contained within each of us is everything, and everything is expressed through us. Let the joy of being alive fill you from your fingers to your toes. Try “I am” when you first wake up to pass harmony into your day and into the world.